I finished on Monday!  The office feels lovely. Both my 8 year old and my husband think it will be a tip again but I feel that will not be the case… You have been a catalyst in applying what I already knew but seldom applied to my own working space. .. Now I have a huge space and I don't feel I am being crowded by boxes. 

Usha, Northwood

Established in 2010 by Stella Harpley, a former librarian, Sort Our Stuff aims to help individuals and organisations declutter, rationalise, dispose, and store their property (onsite as well as offsite) more efficiently and transform their lives to help them live and work in a better environment.

Sort Our Stuff can  help you to focus on your end goal, and plan steps towards it.

Sort Our Stuff can handle both clean paperwork and messy outdoor projects.

Sort Our Stuff can provide follow-up visits to keep you tidy if you are 'time poor' and undertake all the tasks you never manage to do.