Stella worked a small miracle in our Samples Library! Before she swirled in there were remnants of some organisation hidden under piles of tiles and fabrics – it was unusable hiding a wealth of great samples we had no idea we had.  Everything is now in labelled boxes on labelled shelves – the room even came with a user manual!

Russell Sage Studio, London SW3

Stella has established and managed architectural & interior design libraries since 1990. She has used CI/sfb, Common Arrangement and Uniclass classification schemes. She has created databases of suppliers using Filemaker & Excel in order to reduce hard copy paper information. Knowledge of suppliers. She has a vast experience of storing bespoke samples safely. Her expertise lies in providing indepth research in product sourcing.

Present & past clients:

  • Candy & Candy
  • David Collins Studio
  • Gensler
  • Harriet Forde Design
  • Harrods Interiors
  • Helen Green Design
  • HMKM
  • Hogarth Architects
  • Homesud Interiors Ltd
  • HPM Developments Ltd
  • Katharine Pooley Ltd
  • KKS Strategy
  • Laura Hammett Ltd
  • Mokka Design
  • Property Services Agency
  • Rigby & Rigby
  • Russell Sage Studio
  • Studio Reed
  • Swanke Hayden Connell
  • Terry Farrell & Company